Chip Mill Design and Construction

Johnson Timber has been in the wood chipping business for over 30 years. During this time we have developed an excellent understanding of debarking and chipping a variety of species of wood, such as aspen, mixed hardwood, oak, basswood, pine, and white birch. We also continue to expand our knowledge on fiber yields, through various cooperative studies with the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. Our Management Team, along with the knowledge we have gained over the years, makes us an excellent source to evaluate, design, and construct debarking and chipping facilities. If you are interested in learning more, email us at

Forest Management

In 1990, Johnson Timber formed a forest land management company called Futurewood Corp. This company was created to ensure the availability of wood fiber to meet future industry needs. They staff foresters to assist landowners with Sustainable Forestry plans and harvesting following Best Management Practices for Wisconsin and Michigan. Futurewood Corp’s strong commitment to the Sustainable Forest Initiative, has been recognized both locally and nationally as a leader in helping landowners maximize their valued resource now, while keeping a healthy forest for the future.

Futurewood Corp. purchases stumpage from public lands and private landowners to help meet the requirements of the forest industry. Private lands timber management and purchases from landowners is part of our sustainable forest management plan.

In early 2003, Johnson Timber acquired North Shore Forest Products to provide the same quality procurement and forest management services in Minnesota. Like Futurewood Corp, North Shore Forest products is governed by the same sustainable forestry principles.

Whether you are looking to manage your land for recreation, hunting, or profit, the professional forestry staff can develop a site-specific plan to meet your current needs as well as those of future generations.