Pulpwood Chips

Johnson Timber and its affiliate mills have been in the wood chipping business since 1974. During this time we have developed an excellent understanding of the debarking and chipping characteristics of a wide variety of species such as aspen, mixed hardwood, oak, basswood, pine and white birch. We also continue to expand our knowledge of wood yields as age and diameter of species change over time, through in-house testing and cooperative studies with the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

Continued quality monitoring using chip samplers, classification screens, and ovens to determine moisture in conjunction with our computer software allow us to maintain and adjust equipment to meet the pulp mills increasing quality needs.

Whether by rail or truck, Johnson Timber has built a reputation on delivering wood chips that meet customer needs for cleanliness and size.

Shredded Bark

Wood bark is processed through a Hog and is sold to a variety of customers, including utilities and other small businesses (for heat generation) and landscapers (for potting soil and beautification). We have the ability to provide aspen and mixed hardwood bark or a combination of both.

Machine Peeled Pulp

At the Ashland and Hayward plants we have installed an automated kicking system to allow machine peeled wood to be removed from the production line and sold to saw mills, or aged for later use in pulp mill facilities. We have extensive experience in peeling aspen and white birch.

In February of 2004, Johnson Timber purchased the first of its kind, portable side-discharge rotary debarker. This equipment addition allows winter or summer debarking on remote sites or within your wood yard. The original design allows a Caterpillar 325 swing loader to move and operate the debarker along a rank of wood, peeling and re-piling the 100″ wood for storage, direct loading on trucks or into your system for chipping utilizing one (1) operator. The debarker is capable of multi-stem debarking wood diameters from 2″ to 25″. E-mail us for more details specific to your needs.