Hayward Site

Hayward Site

Located four miles south of Hayward, Wisconsin on US Highway 63 (see map), Johnson Timber’s Main offices and original mill, are situated on a 100 acre site capable of handling 26 rail cars daily and wood yard storage of 60,000 cords. Wood is purchased using a 70’, 60 ton scale.

Principle structures located on the property consist of the corporate office for Johnson Timber and all affiliates, forestry offices with conference room, and over 10,000 square feet of enclosed heated manufacturing facilities. The plant has the capability to ship by truck or rail 365 days per year. Rail service is currently provided by Canadian National three times per week.

Several major upgrades over the years have kept Johnson Timber competitive and able to meet the stringent requirements of today’s modern pulp mills. The Hayward plant currently uses Caterpillar M325H log loaders pulling 15 cord trailers to move wood to feed the Nicholson 22” tandem, counter rotating, air seal rings. Debarked wood can either be chipped in a Progress 84”, 6 knife, end discharge chipper, or automatically kicked into a recovery bin for debarked whole log storage. Chips are cut and screened to meet customer specifications prior to being loaded in rail cars or stored on the chip pad. Steam generated from our bark fired boiler during the months of December – March allow aspen, mixed hardwood, birch and softwoods to be debarked to a cleanliness of ½% or less year round. A modern oven capable of drying 36 samples per day along with chip classification allows up-front quality checks to help ensure constant customer satisfaction.

Excess steam is used to heat the buildings during the winter months, while excess bark and fines are sold for energy production, landscaping material or other after market use.

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